Photo: flooding at Glenridding

Ullswater Catchment Management CIC

Ullswater Catchment Management CIC was set up by Danny Teasdale after the storms of 2015 ravaged the county of Cumbria, and in particular, the village of Glenridding. In an effort to help improve flood resilience and prove it possible to restore nature in a way that complements sustainable farming, the CIC was created. Our work is proposed and delivered by the community and we are proud of the fact that as far as possible all money is spent on local businesses and contractors to help the local economy. Our work is varied, from planting new hedgerows and trees to soil and grass health, and river restoration work. We currently host a Natural England Facilitation Group, where groups of local farmers and land owners attend information sharing events, discussing best practices, current issues, funding streams and share ideas that work for them to help others.

We now have a proven track record of delivering projects and have developed some excellent working partners who also believe in our style of works. We have very good working relationships with the Woodland Trust, The Environment Agency, The National Trust, The Farmer Network, Natural England, RSPB, Eden Rivers Trust and Cumbria Wildlife Trust .  We are hugely grateful for the support that they offer.