New Wildlife Pond at Dockray, Matterdale, Cumbria

Habitat Creation

How Habitat Creation Can Work for Farms

Farm landscapes can contain a huge amount of biodiversity and unique and valuable habitats. Some of these habitats and the wildlife within them have declined in recent decades as farming practices have changed, but there are many ways that habitats and biodiversity can be increased on the farm with benefits to both the farm business and to nature.

Creating and restoring hedgerows and wood pasture, and making ponds or wetland scrapes can all be done with minimal loss of grazing and can often improve grassland by improving drainage and providing shelter. Some of these habitat improvements can also be included in environmental schemes and payments. The Nature Friendly Farming Network have some helpful resources to explain why ‘Nature Means Business’

A new hedgerow and fencing in the Matterdale valley providing valueable habitat creation

Recent Projects

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