We are a community interest company based in Ullswater in the Lake District National Park . We strive to combine farming and land management with conservation and natural flood management .

We are a company limited by guarantee. Number 11705505

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To date 

Glenridding beck flood relief channel.

A new water storage channel was built upstream of Glenridding to temporarily slow the flood water to the village .

In partnership with the Environment Agency . Cost, £6000.

Smaller flood relief channel upstream Glenridding. Similar principle to first project. Cost £1000

Large scale flood plain tree planting in Grisedale valley. In time the trees will help to slow water upstream in the valley and create excellent habitat.

Funded through higher tier stewardship agreement, Woodland trust and local flood action group. Cost £8000

Tree planting in Deepdale with Patterdale school children. Funded through flood action group and Woodland Trust.

Cost £450

New hedgerow for Patterdale school. Planted for conservation and part of flood management works. New fencing and hedgerow plants. Flood action group and Woodland Trust funded. Cost £800

Place Fell landslip stabilisation. Working with the residents who raised funds toward the project we planted 150 trees on the Fell to help bind and strengthen the soil. Cost £3000. Funded by the community and Woodland trust  

Watercourse habitat improvement on Skitwath beck. 640m of beck fenced off to improve habitat for invertebrates, fish and birds. Funded by Eden Rivers Trust. Cost £3200

A joint project with The Environment Agency, Eden Rivers Trust, Woodland Trust and Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Restoring natural function to a historic modified watercourse, Allows temporary flood water storage upstream to help downstream communities. Cost £18000

These are just a few completed projects. We hope that you agree we are proving that our community can do the work, correctly, efficiently and by working with our farming community, show how farming can be part of future solutions to todays problems, such as carbon sequestration, nature recovery, flood management and sustainable food production.